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Hal Kaiser Passes after an Extended Illness ...

Sacramento’s baseball and umpire communities lost one of its most passionate members on Saturday, June 21.

A continuing student of the game, teacher of interested player and fellow umpire alike, Hal Kaiser left us suddenly and past away yesterday after an extended illness.

Hal was a longtime member of the NCOA baseball group. He taught many years as an instructor with his frank style and analysis of rules situations, positioning mechanics and situation management strategies and philosophies. Never at a loss for thoughts on any issue pertaining to baseball, Hal could be called upon at any hour of the day for his thoughts on baseball issues.

Hal had a reputation for honest, direct and constructive comments when it came to helping any umpire improve their game. Hal was also known for his great sense of humor and ability to “tease” unsuspecting subjects.

Hal was also a devoted Little League volunteer umpire. He worked many years for both District 11 and District 54 in our area. He also volunteered many years at the Little League Regional Tournament in San Bernadino.

He always looked forward to the summer little league tournaments and would often work early games just to spectate the following late game to see how his fellow umpires were coming along. Hal always took the same professionalism to every yard he worked.

Hal was instrumental during my formative years in directing my development and helping me to become the person and umpire I am on and off the field. He’s done the same for many others he touched as well.

He was an umpire’s umpire. Hal never said anything behind your back. He said what he had to in a respectful, private manner and forthright way. He took “younger” umpires under his wing. He loved life, baseball and good umpiring.

These are the traits I will remember about Hal. He will be greatly missed by all of us. Please remember this special man in your prayers ...

I hope all of you will share your experiences and help create our own tribute to Hal by posting your thoughts, experiences and why Hal Kaiser was special to you …

Please feel free post your experiences here for everyone to share …



I knew Hal for as long as I can remember. I can say that he was my favorite out of many umpires, specifically because you would get the same from him from 1st pitch to last pitch. Both on the mound, and at the plate, I never felt like he wasn't consistent. More so than his performance on the field, his presence commanded respect and he would always greet me with a smirk and ask if I was pitching...

The last time I saw Hal was at one of our games in Arizona last October. He was patiently standing behind the backstop at an auxiliary field at Tempe Diablo and he watched the game as long as he could before he went to his assigned field and I guarantee he was rooting for Sacramento. I had seen him at breakfast that morning because we were staying at the same hotel, and we sat together and talked about family and baseball. I mentioned to him that my wife was expecting our first child and that I had gotten a free pass for the tournament. I remember his eyes lighting up and talking to me about parenthood and his grandson who was patiently waiting for him to return from Arizona. He mentioned to me that he had never seen me without my parents when it came to baseball and to be sure and let them know that he wished them well.

I guess my point is that Hal didn’t just know the players and their abilities, he knew about their lives and cared about things away from the field. Each of us probably has a different story that I am sure we can share about the man; and I am sure there are a lot of laughs. He was old school, and I cannot think of another umpire who I respected as much.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends and I hope that he made as much of an impact on others as he did to me. He was an excellent umpire and a great man who will be missed. Rest in peace Hal.

Hal Kaiser is my cousin

Hello. I am Hal's cousin. We did not know each other well...but we did meet and we did like each other. My father and his father were brothers. His mother and father were divorced when he was little and he was raised in California. I was raised in Colorado. About 25 years ago or so we "cousins" all received an inheritance. Hal did not know he had all of us first cousins. He went on a trip across the United States and met us all one by one. He was here for 3 to 4 days. I live in Illinois. Then the following year I was visiting my parents in Colorado and I was just leaving when he showed up to visit them so I stuck around a couple of hours. We mostly communicated with letters and cards over the next bunch of years. He was very cool and lots of fun. I wish we had known each other better. If time had permitted, we would have because my husband and I would have gone to see him in California..retirement age offers more time for such things. I have read the articles about Hal and seen the pictures online. I read his obituary. He was greatly loved by all, I can see. A sweet loving man is no longer here but he will watch over those he loved and those who loved him.


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