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You make the call!

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During your umpiring experience, I'm sure you've had "one of those situations" that tested your ability and knowledge. Perhaps you were watching a game and saw that "I can't believe that just happened" play. Sharing those experiences not only is enjoyable to other umpires, it allows everyone to learn from the responses in case one of "those situations" happens to us. Please share your special situation, tough call, or funny experience with other members. Describe the situation and what call you made, (or observed another umpire make). Enjoy and see you on the field.

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Joined: 11/25/2008
Triple play without the ball touching a fielder

Question: Can you get a triple play without a fielder touching the ball? Think about it for a minute and then read the following scenario. I've removed the rule numbers for the sake of conversation.

There are runners on first and second with no outs. The batter hits a fair fly ball that can be fielded by one of the infielders. He is out by the infield fly rule even if no one touches the ball. Then the crazy stuff really starts. The runner on first passes the runner on second, so the runner on first is out due to rule x.xx, which forbids a runner overtaking another runner on the base paths. Two outs. The runner at second is then struck by the batted ball as it lands (rule x.xx again—look, it covers a whole host of base running situations). There we have it three outs and no fielder has touched the ball. Enjoy!

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What's the call?

Home team is losing miserably and is at bat in the last inning. There is one out with a runner on third. The batter-runner takes a full swing and hits a dribbler towards the pitcher on the first base side. As the pitcher runs in to get the ball, the batter runs toward the pitcher yelling and screaming. Before contacting the pitcher, the batter peels off and heads towards first base. The pitcher, initially flustered, regains himself and throws over the runner to first base for the second out at first.

Meanwhile, the runner on third has scored. My parter at home called interference on the batter-runner, who has been legally put out at first. He enforces the interference penalty on R3, third out, game over.


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Interference call whos out?


Good question for a very strange situations. I will list some key points about an interference call and you tell me if it helps you decide if it was the correct call.

First at the point of interference The ball is dead when it is called. Any Actions that occur after that are not officially part of the game. No player may be put out or advance once this call is made. (Play may advance if awarded when the ball is dead) With this in mind how was the batter-runner put out at first. Before the interference or after? If the interference was before the play at first the play at first did not occur as an official part of the game.

Second item. After understanding how or if the person interfering was put out we can take the next step in evaluating the correct penalty for the offense. Interference (without special circumstances) allows you to get an out for the person interfering only. Then if you are unable to get an out for on that person (They are already out, They have scored, or are not a base runner) Then you may get an out on another active player. Usually you get the person out they protected with the interference or the lead runner. This once again would only happen if the person interfering could not be call out for some reason. All runners after the penalty was inforced would return to the time of pitch base.

Third consideration. If the interference is intentional in order to stop a double play situation you may call the person interfering out and the lead runner out. (most umpires call the other player who would have been out out.) So there is a provision for two outs if a potential double play was intentionally interfered with.

Please remember here i have tried to list the considerations that apply to your situation. There are many others. To fully understand interference would take pages of situations to fully describe. Let me know if I have given you enough info to make your own ruling. Please look up in your rule book and list the rules that apply to this and list them. Discussing the rules and learning to use the rule book after that fact is the best way to learn.

Dan B


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