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Important Scrimmage Procedures ...

Upcoming Scrimmages:

Please Check the SacUmpires.com Events page:
•Check and see if any of the scrimmages you signed up for are being used by an Instruction Classroom for training this weekend.
•If your classroom is using a site for training, please attend it. They will be evaluating & doing check-off’s if sufficient members are there. Remember, your instructors are giving up their day to help you improve – be respectful of their time.
•If your classroom is asking you to work various time slots, please spread yourselves out throughout the day as evenly as possible.
•If you are signed up on another class’s scrimmage site, maybe you could do the respectful thing and find another site to work and help us maximize our coverage. It will also get you more innings and be less disruptive to others training process.

If the weather is questionable, please call the “foul weather contact” listed on your scrimmage event before going to your event.

To Receive Credit for Scrimmages Worked:
•Please print the attached form.
•Take it with you to the scrimmage.
•Have the hosting coach list the amount of innings you worked and sign & date the form.
•You will need to turn this form in to your classroom “certifier” to receive credit for your scrimmage work.

•Working a scrimmage is required by all members to prepare for the upcoming season.
•You have an obligation to the teams, the group and most of all yourself to get some innings in before your first scheduled pitch.

Thanks ... Swanny

PG scrimmages

Thanks to the two hard working, outstanding umpires who worked our scrimmages on Saturday. All positive comments from coaches and players regarding their performance. Both were excellent.


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