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Clinic Schedule

Outreach 2013-14 Umpire Clinic Schedule

Nor Cal LL Sec 4 2014 Instruction Schedule (Please click here)

(Subject to Change)

Outreach Clinic Instruction Resources:

If you are interested in additional free instruction events, please go to: NCOA 2013-2014 Instruction Calendar

The NCOA Baseball group welcomes all who wish to improve their umpiring free of charge ...

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Winter Mechanics Clinics

I just wanted to thank all the instructors for the hard work and excellent information they provided those of us who attended the Winter Mechanic's clinics.  I was there on Sunday and it was a terrific clinic, not to mention it was a lot of fun (although my legs weren't happy today) and good work!

Thanks instructors!

Winter Clinic

I want to thank all of the instructors for their time and work this past weekend.  This is the first clinic my son and I have been to and it was an eye opening experience.  We both learned alot and had a great time.  I am looking forward to additional clinics. 


March Clinics

Hey guys, I hope you intend on keeping the March 7th and 21st clinics.  Our signups at RCLL have started and I am sending all my up and coming umpires over to ARC to learn from the best!  Thank you guys!


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March Clinic Reply ...

Thanks Dez ...

Unless something unforeseen occurs, we'll be having the clinics as planned per the schedule posted at this link:


The March and April clinics will be a slightly different format (shorter time frame and more condensed). Hopefully that makes it easier for the youth and adult beginner umpires. But, they'll have the same level of positive, informative instruction.

Happy Holidays and see you soon ... Swanny


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