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NCOA 2011 Baseball Season Sign-Ups Are Open ...

NCOA 2011 Baseball Season Sign-Ups Are Now Open ...


All NCOA Baseball Group sign-ups will be conducted ONLINE this year ... and ONLY ONLINE ...

Pre-Sign-ups are now open thru January 2nd ... If Baseball is your first sport ... Dues are only ... $50.00 

Normal sign-ups are now thru January 31st ... If Baseball is your first sport ... Dues are only ... $60.00


Please click the link below to go directly to the sign-up page:

NCOA Online registration form

After you click "submit" on the registration page ...

You will be sent to a new page with instructions on how to complete your registration and pay your dues ...

Here is a summary of those directions for your convenience ...

  • First, an email containing your sign-up details will be sent to you.  Please print this page out ...
  • Second, make your check out to " N.C.O.A." and make sure your name is somewhere on the check.  Please write "2011 Baseball Dues" on it as well.
  • Finally, mail your dues payment and your printed email to: 

NCOA Baseball
c/o Tom Murphy
491 Wyndgate Road
Sacramento, CA 95864

Please Note:
Make sure your name or the name of the official signing
up is on your check.
Your received check will be matched up to the
Submitted registration list.

If you have already paid dues to another sport for the 2010-2011 scholastic year (football, volleyball, water polo, or basketball), then you will receive a $20.00 discount on your dues for baseball if your payment is received on or before the appropriate due date.


Class insftructions and thanks for your votes.

Fellow Umpires: It was good to have seen all of you at the first NCOA Baseball Meeting. As always the class and instructions were terrific. Everybody in room 14 got involved and worked real hard to accomplish what the instructors wanted us to do. Just a great group and on the very first day, some of us learned how to call "safe, out, off the bag, bobble ball, he's out, no tag," etc.etc.etc. It was a very exciting and at times awesome to hear loud voices of each and everyone of us. Thanks to our instructors and I for one, looking forward to a great time in the class room and on the playing field. Good luck to all of my fellow umpires of Level 4, and all of you. Also want to thank those who voted for me and those who did not. Congratulation to new Baseball Rep, Bruce Levering. Let's all have a great High School BB Year 2010.
Manuel Provedor Sr


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