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"Gorilla" Set Position Discussion Follow-Up

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At the Level 3 meeting on 2/1/10, the "gorilla" move came up during one of our discussions. I stated there was a rule change that had been made on this topic. Last night we could not find it in the rule book, however, I located the clarification that I had seen. In the NFHS 2010 High School Baseball Rules by Topic, the following new case book play appears - "With a runner on first, Team A righ-handed pitcher is in the set position, bent at the waist and his pitching arm naturally hangs down slightly in front or to the side away from his body. As he looks to the catcher for a signal, a) the pitchers arm is stationary or b) the pitching arm rocks slighly from side to side. RULING - Balk in B, Legal in A. SEE Page 55, case book play 6.1.3, Situation P for the rationale. Basically -- the pitching arm hanging by the side is ok, rocking the arm back and forth is not.

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Gorilla Move

They covered this at the CIF Rules meeting on Saturday.  They said that hanging down can be considered at the pitcher's side, but if he rocks his arm it is considered a movement to start his pitch or make a throw to a base. 


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