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Scrimmages for saturday 2/27- Bella Vista HS

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The Level 3 classroom will be at Bella Vista High School starting at 10 AM. Bella Vista will be scrimmaging Jesuit (Varsity and JV) and they plan on going about 12 innings per field.

Joined: 11/19/2007
Game On? - Scrimmages for saturday 2/27- Bella Vista HS

Just wondering if anyone knows if the Bella Vista games are still on for Saturday at 10:00 AM?  If not I need to go to work.  Sort of need to know as soon as possible so I can let people know if they do/don't need to cover me.

Mike Martinez

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Call the foul weather contact ...


If you carefully read the event information, it lists a "foul weather contact" on most events who can let you know the status of the scrimmage.

For Bella Vista HS, it is :

Greg Olsen

Please give him a call ...

Thanks ... Swanny

Joined: 11/19/2007
Location Change

Okay, after some proding from Swanny I called Greg.  IF the scrimmage is played it will be played at Jesuit NOT Bella Vista.  They will make the call at about 9:00 AM Saturday morning.  Assuming it is played, the start time is unknown, but will be later than 10 AM.  Can anyone tell me the address for Jesuit?  In arbiter all they have is a PO box in Sacramento.

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Canceled BV v Jesuit

I just spoke to Greg Olsen,  the scrimmage between Jesuit and Bella Vista is officially canceled.

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Thanks Mike.

Thanks for the final update Mike. I drove over early this morning after taking the dog for a walk at the river. It was soaked then and starting to rain again before we left.


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