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Home plate Fair or Foul

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I received a email from a coach who also is learning to umpire. He had a question about a call in his game. What is your call on this situation?

Hi Dan,

We had an umpire last week that did my game, and he said that Home Plate is not in fair territory.

If a batted ball hits the plate and continues fair, its fair correct?
How about a ball that is batted in the batters box and continues fair, fair correct?

These were 2 situations that happened and I wanted to make sure I understand since my son and I are umpiring too.


Larry Loeffler
Joined: 06/14/2007
Fair, Foul

This one always gets to me, If you look at the foul lines and where they end on the plate one would know that the plate is in fair ground. So in the first question it would be a fair ball as long as it stays fair when the fielder picked the ball up. The second question is almost the same batter's box lines are outside of the foul lines,hence in the second question it is a foul ball. We should stop and look at the lines once and awhile and know what they mean.

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Both fair if

A ball off the plate that continues into fair territory is fair (assuming of course it doesn't alter its course and come to rest in foul territory.)  A ball that bounces out of the batters box into fair territory is also fair (as long as it doesn't then alter course and come to rest in foul territory.)  However,  if the batter is hit by a ball after it hit's his bat,  we call it a foul ball even though, technically speaking, the batter may possibly have been in fair territory when he was hit (albeit still in the box.)  That's my understanding until someone from a higher pay grade says otherwise.

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Joined: 06/11/2007
Touches In the Box Foul? or Fair?


On the second question is guess there are several things that could be read into it. So Clarify for me a little more

1. Ball is batted and hits in the batters box, then continues into fair territory with out having been touched and settles on fair ground? Fair or Foul?

2. Ball is batted and hits the batter in the box, then continues into fair territory and the pitcher picks it up and throws it to first? Foul or Fair or out?

3. Ball is batted and hits in the batters box, then continues onto the field and settles on the foul line? Fair or foul?

Be careful in reading hits in the batters box and opposed to hits the batter in the box. Two different results.

Dan B

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Touches in th Box Foul? of Fair?

1. The ball is fair if lt lands in fair territory before 1b unless it strikes an un-natural object, and then we use the information immediately proceeding the contact of the object to determine foul or fair.  2. Foul ball, since it is foul the batter can not be thrown out at 1b.  3. Fair, the foul line is actually fair and if any part of the ball is toching it, it is a fair ball.


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