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Little league World Series expands replay

Little League has expanded the two year old replay system it has in place for challenging plays. Replays in the previous two years were limited only to those plays that should have resulted in a dead ball, but were called otherwise by the volunteer umpires who work the Little League Baseball World Series each year. This year, video replay will be expanded to more plays, such as force-outs, tags on the base paths, missed bases, and hit batters.
Because the number of plays on which replay can be used will increase in 2010, team managers will now have the opportunity to call for a Video Replay Challenge. Last year, only the umpires could call for video replay to be used.
When a play occurs that fits the criteria, the umpire who originally made the call may request a conference of the other umpires. If the umpires cannot agree on the correct call, the call will be referred to a "Replay Team" composed of a Little League International Tournament Committee member (the Game Operations Replay Official) and a volunteer Little League Baseball World Series Umpire.
But if the umpires do not confer, or decide after conferring that the play should not be reviewed on video, the manager may use a Video Replay Challenge, provided the play meets the criteria for use of video replay. Each manager will be limited to one unsuccessful Video Replay Challenge for the first six innings, and one unsuccessful challenge in extra innings.
Video replay can only be used at the end of the play in question, and before another pitch or play has occurred. If a manager's Video Replay Challenge is successful, he or she will retain the opportunity to make another challenge later.Read the whole story at http://www.littleleague.org/media/newsarchive/2010/May-Aug/VideoReplayToBeExpandedLLBWS10.htm The full text of the Little League Baseball World Series Video Replay Rule can be found here: http://www.littleleague.org/Assets/forms_pubs/media/VideoReplay2010WS.pdf

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This is absurb to me. Even

This is absurb to me. Even though these officials are volunteer they are usually good officials and should not have to be put under the scrutiny of replay on every close call. Eventually you will get less people wanting to volunteer. I want to see what they will do after the first 4 hour little league game because of all the conferences and replays on close plays.

Little League W.S. Replay

I for one, do not see anything wrong for Little League W.S. to expand to replay. I think is good for Baseball. I realize these officials are volunteers, but they are good officials, and in no way, it will diminish the desire of being an official for this competition. To me, it is an honor to have been selected to officiate in the L.L. World Series. Remember, these games are only 6 innings, and they are played in less than two hours time. Only we can do, is wait and see how it develops.
Manuel Provedor

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IĀ agree with you that

I agree with you that although the officials are volunteer they are good officials and it is an honor. I just beleive it will cause to many breaks in the game. I was obviously being sarcastic when I said that there would be a four hour game but I definately think that game times will increase by at least 20 minutes. I guess the real test will be time. We will see soon. See you on the field Manuel and thanks for the input.


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