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Helpful Information for Using ArbiterSports.com

Helpful Information for Using ArbiterSports.com ...

Here is some info on SacUmpires.com put together to help our members use ArbiterSports.com:

SacUmpires arbitersports.com User Help Guide

The beauty of the internet is the collaborative nature of shared material and the ability of all groups to enhance their programs.  

Here's some interesting material to help new Arbiter Sports users in using that software package.  It contains a great deal of helpful tips in learning how to use the ArbiterSports.com package.

This material was prepared by Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association.  (Please note --- Any association specific material is not applicable to our NCOA group).

These links also should help you gain a basic understanding for using the ArbiterSports.com scheduling software.

Arbiter General Information (PowerPoint)

SWISRA arbitersports.com Online Video Tutorial

SWISRA arbitersports.com User Manual


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