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2010 Black & Blue Umpire Camp ...

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Upcoming "Black & Blue Umpire Camp" ...


Just want to drop you a reminder of the special training opportunity about to occur ...  

This year Billy Haze is beginning the "Black and Blue Umpire Camp".  It will be staffed by some of the best college officials on the west coast and held here locally at Raley Field (home of the Oakland A's affiliate Sacramento River Cats).

Whether you are improving your high school umpiring skills or looking to climb to the next level, this clinic will offer valuable help in improving your game.

It is seldom that the Sacramento umpire community has a high level clinic held locally.  We often must travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles or out of state to improve our skills.  

Now we have that opportunity here locally ...  

If you are interested in attending, please contact Billy Haze directly by email at: 


Or, he can be reached by cell phone at:  916.690.7082

More information can be obtained at the camp's website:


Here's a group photo of most of the NCOA attendees ...

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Attendance at the BBUC ("Black & Blue Umpire Camp")


Here are some of the NCOA members who attended the BBUC ("Black & Blue Umpire Camp")... (If I missed anyone, drop me a note at ncoainstruction@yahoo.com and I'll get you added to the list ;-) ...)

Bob Anderson, Erick Cordova, Moe Douglas, Ken Durham, Matt Fitzpatrick, Ruben Gonzalez, Jim Halstead, Loren Jochim, Stafford Lehr, Mike Miklaus, Gary Murphy, John Norfork, Gale Rossi, Richard Shaw, Steve Smith, Bill Swanson, Gary Turner, Garret Wells, ...

Thanks for your hard work ... Swanny

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Good Looking group

From what I heard it was a great camp.  Hoping to make the next one.


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