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Baseball Rulebook Edge

This material comes from a web site called the Baseball Rule Book Edge.  It is still in the process of construction but is an interesting site and worthy of considerable study.  It is written for coaches, but is a great resource for umpire rules study as well.  

The main web site is located at: Baseball Rule Book Edge

The site includes the following:

Rules Misconceptions:

Infield Fly

Hit By Pitch

Foul Tips

Owning Batter's Box


Running Out of the Base Line

Force Plays        (Under Construction)

Dead Ball            (Under Construction)

Throwing Bat       (Under Construction)

Overrunning 1st Base     (Under Construction)

Get the Edge:


3rd Strike Passed Ball


Catcher's Interference (Sometimes Called "Obstruction") - Option Play

Appeals     (Under Construction)

Run on 3rd out     (Under Construction)

Infield Fly     

Force Plays     (Under Construction)

Fair or Foul     (Under Construction)

Interference     (Under Construction)

Batting Out of Order     (Under Construction)

Rulebook Guru Blog

Some Information about the author - Rulebook Guru:

He's a former Baseball Coach and am now an Umpire. He coached different youth levels (8-15 years old) from 1989 to 2008. He's been umpiring everything from Little League to travel/rec ball (11 to 19 years old) since 1997.  He thought he knew a lot about baseball when he started out coaching but quickly learned that he had many misconceptions about the rules.  He took some umpiring courses and then started umpiring.  As a coach, nothing frustrated him more than an umpire who did not know the rules.  As an umpire, he has little patience for coaches who don't know the rules ... 

The website Baseball Rule Book Edge  and the relate blog Rulebook Guru Blog are ways for me to share what I've learned in my years as a Coach about the rules, how knowing them can give you a competitive edge, and how to deal with Umpires.

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Just read the portion on hit

Just read the portion on hit by pitch in the rule book and the Baseball Rule Book Edge. I agree with most but this is the part I have a problem with and would like to ask for feedback from the group; If the batter makes no attempt to get out of the way when hit by a pitch why is he not awarded the base. I pose this question, When a deer is standing in front of a speeding car is he trying to commit suicide, no he just freezes. Many people do this same action in fearful situations, and a 80 mph ball coming at you is a fearful situation.  Sometimes batters just freeze and get hit. Are they not attempting to move, In my opionion they are not they just get hit. Who are we to say they are not trying to get out of the way. So why punish a batter that is standing at least 4" away from a plate that is 17" wide that the pitcher can throw over for getting hit by the pitchers mistake. To me it doesn't seem right and I will continue to award them 1b, because I can't read the batters mind that may say he was trying to move but couldn't.


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