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Free Concussion Course at www.nfhslearn.com!

Free Concussion Course

Free Online Concussion Course Available at www.nfhslearn.com! 

Concussion is prevalent in many sports due to the physical nature often involved in the games.The National Federation of State High School Associations has developed an online concussion course that is FREE toEVERYONE. This course was developed for officials, coaches, students, administrators and anyone that is involved or around students. Once again, this is a free course that can be completed in 20-25 minutes online. Concussion in Sports - What You Need to Know will inform the user on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion. Visit www.nfhslearn.com to find this free course!


Everyone involved in  youth sports need the education on concussion.


This is a very valid point for umpires to be aware of. Both for the catcher and the home plate umpire. A dear friend works for a call center and recently fielded a call from a  baseball mother. Her child (catcher) has taken two foul balls off his mask. Later that night he started getting severe headaches. Wanted to know if she should be concerned. If the catcher takes a shot have the manager check that player out. Take a minute and make sure that player is aware . And this is true of umpires as well. Several years ago I took a shot that put me on my butt. I was not knocked out but I thought I was Batman for a few seconds. And, for a few days after this happened I was having some nasty headaches. Later, I was told this was a good example of a concussion. Just saying, something to keep in mind when you are out there.. 



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Concussion Course

Lyonell ... It takes a little bit of looking, but if you scroll the "Free/Elective Courses" line, you will see the "Concussion in Sports - What You Need To Know" ... Here's its direct link ... http://www.nfhslearn.com/electiveDetail.aspx?courseID=38000 Thanks ... Swanny


Yes, I agree. I for one, will take the course, as I have been part of a few in my many years as a State Soccer Referee. It always involves a collison of a striker against the Goal Keeper. Just the same way as it is the runner coming home trying to score against the catcher trying to put him out. And sometimes, is the soccer ball hitting the defender smack on his head at close range from the kicker. No matter how long it takes, make sure the player is treated medically on the field, and if in your opinion he  can not continue, by all means make sure the coach removes the injured player right away.  Let's play it safe and learn how to react in a situation like this. We need to know.
Manuel Provedor Sr


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