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Interested in Baseball Umpiring ???

Are you interested in umpiring baseball?

If you are just getting started, new to the area or would like some help on where to umpire, please fill the form out at this link:

I'm interested in umpiring !!!

If you are interested in umpiring high school level games, the NCOA group is accepting applications currently until 01/31/2012 ...

NCOA 2012 Baseball Umpire Application

More Info about the NCOA Application & Dues Payment Process ...

Information about the NCOA Baseball Group ...

For the new umpire, here's a brief list of study titles at this link:

Beginner Umpire Rules & Positioning Study Materials

There are a lot of instruction activities through out the year.  Here's a list of some clinic activities available:

LL Sec 4 & NCOA Instruction Clinic Schedule

Also, all of the NCOA High School Umpire Group instruction is open to the public (and absolutely free of charge) ... You are more that invited to attend.  Just drop an email to me (Bill "Swanny" Swanson) at: SacUmpires@gmail.com and let me know so I can show you around.

NCOA High School Umpire Group Instruction Schedule

Feel free to browse this website, SacUmpires.com.  It's a free, public service we provide for our baseball & umpire community.  There's a lot of interesting material available ...

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:

Bill Swanson



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