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Head First Slide In Little League Major Division

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 Was looking for a little help on what would be the definition of a head first slide. I know little league rules state that no initial slide into any base may be head first! Is head first a full on dive into the base or is any attempt leading with the hands /head considered a head first slide? Had an incident Tuesday night. Runner coming in attempting score does a kind of a sideways on the hip kind of of slide and touches the plate with his hand. Received no arguments from the coaches but the catcher did ask me " wasnt that a head first slide?" Just curious what you all out there that do little league 11/12 would have called? Thank you!

Michael Horton
Antelope Little League

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head first


This does not sound like a head first slide. This is a safety rule. Little league is attempting to prevent players from diving into the base or fielder. If he did not dive head first it is not a head first slide. Sounds like he slide wide and reached out to touch with his hand.


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