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LL Playoff Ump Opportunities

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The Fair Oaks/Orangevale Little League (FOVLL) is looking for volunteers to work some "in house" TOC (playoff) games this week through early June. We play at Phoenix Field, Sunset just east of Hazel, in Fair Oaks. We will also be hosting the District 5 Major TOC. We'd like to ensure each game has 2 umps. The Major (11/12) games are loaded in Arbiter via RCOA. The Minor (9/10) games will be soon. Or you can reach me by e-mail (train2learn@gmail.com) if you have a date that is open.

Having quality umpires volunteer to work a game ensures a great environment for the players. Thank you to those of you in NCOA/RCOA who have already generously given of your time this season. It is truly appreciated by me and our Board.

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