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Summer Baseball Instruction Resources ...

2011 Summer Baseball Resources ...

Next Summer Instruction Session ...

Date: Wednesday, 08/24/11
Time: 6:30-9:00pm
     Twin Rivers Adult Ed Building
     3222 Winona Way 
     North Highlands CA  95660

Recent Summer Instruction Meeting Presentations ...

Sac Umpires 07/13/11 Instruction Meeting:

Sacramento Mens Senior Baseball League Rules Summary

Woodland-Davis Roy Hobbs MSBL Baseball Rules Summary

Sac Umpires 06/08/11 Instruction Meeting:

In order to do Little League tournament games this year, you must complete the following "Volunteer Application" and submit it to your local District or League Staff for approval ...
Volunteer Application 2011 (only use for 2011 season)

Here are some of the resource materials used during our tournament clinic on 06/08/11 to prepare everyone for tournaments this year ...

Tournament Clinic Meeting Presentation

First, here is an invaluable rule book ... It is very detailed and contains many additional materials to help you better understand how to properly enforce LL rules.
LLB Rules Material (Detailed) (click this link)     

Little League has many special, technical & detailed, rules now.  This summary sheet, while not the final authority for a protest situation, can help you keep track of many specifics when managing your game.  If a protest occurs, always look the particular rule book wording before proceeding ...  ;-)
LL Baseball Tournament Rules Differences Sheet
LL Softball Tournament Rules Differences Sheet

Another important collection of resources is the LL Online Tournament Resource page ...
Little League Online Tournament Resources

With in this collection are a couple of note worthy items ...
2011 Tournament FAQs
2011 Baseball Tournament Rules (updated 3-28-11)
2011 Softball Tournament Rules (updated 3-28-11)
Mandatory Play Requirements FAQ

Also, within the LL Online Website are resources concerning the composite bat "prohibition" ...
Little League - Latest Information on Composite Baseball Bat Use
Approved Composite Bats - (2 1/4 inch barrels)
Approved Composite Bats - (2 5/8 inch barrels)


Upcoming Mechanics Clinic - 3 Ump System Coverage
06/26/11 – Tournament Mechanics Clinic #9 @ CHP Academy 9:00am – 5:00pm (3 & 4 umpire mechanics system)

3 Umpire System Manual


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