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Mending Player-Umpire Relations Must be a Priority (for MLB) ...

Here's an interesting article concerning some steps MLB "stakeholder" parties have taken recently to help sooth on field relations ... Take a look and see what you think ...


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Baseball players and coaches relationships with umpires

I think one of the problems is that when an incident happens where a player or manger gets thrown out of a game the only interview you get to see is that player or manger telling the entire world how bad a job that umpire has done. They sit in front of 10 million people on T.V. and literally blast the umpire saying how they blew the call and that justifies their reaction. Every player and coach that is at the Major League level knows exactly what he can talk about or say to an umpire. They know the umpires that are short tempered and which guys to approach delicately, so when the player or coach gets ejected and say that they didn't know why that is a complete lie. When I coached at the minor league level we knew the umpires, we knew who had a small strike zone, who was hot tempered, who was easier to approach, and we communicated these things to our players as well. Players, coaches, and fans beleive that because an umpire makes a call they don't agree with, that they can say anything they want to that umpire. When will the media and public hold the players, coaches, fans and themselves to the same professional standard that they ask the umpires to uphold. I dont see the umpires walking around in disgust when an error is made or running up to coaches when a runner is thrown out by 20 feet that they sent home. An umpire is human, so he will make mistakes, the players, coaches, and fans should understand that a bad call from time to time is just as common as an error and is part of the game. Show some humility and professionallism to the umpires similar to the same professionallism you ask of the umpires to show when a coach or player is yelling, spitting, and showing his disgust at him. I think as long as the umpires are made to feel unappreciated that they will always have some slight resintment to the league, players, and coaches.


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