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Self-Evaluation ...

Bob Hocking has submitted this material for everyone's review ...It comes from a recent article he read and lists many issues you may consider for your improvement ...
Take a look and see what you think ...

Plate Work:
Judgment of strike zone Consistency of strike zone 

Use of voice

Feet, body, head positioning


Hustle, mobility, coordination

Reaction to development of plays

Communication with partner(s)

General demeanor behind the plate


Base Work:
Judgment of plays
Positioning for plays


Use of voice 


Hustle, mobility, coordination

Reaction to development of plays

Communication with partner(s)

General demeanor on the bases


Consistency of Attitude:
Focus on the game
Game intensity/alertness


Body language


Eagerness to learn and improve

Willingness to accept constructive criticism

Relationship with crew and others

Professionalism on and off the field


Handling of Non-Routine Situations:
Knowledge/application of rules and interpretations
Demeanor/poise during situations

Overall ability in handling situations (Verbal communication, taking action, tact, professionalism) 

Handling of pressure

Additional Items to Consider:
• Did you arrive on time for games?
 • Were you in proper uniform?
 • Did you conduct a beneficial pre-game conference?
 • Were your calls loud/clear enough?
 • Did you blow any calls?
 • Did you make the right calls for the wrong reasons?
 • Were there times when it was fortunate you did not have to make a call?
 • Did you “sell” your calls when appropriate?
 • Were your judgment calls accurate?
 • Were you focused and alert?
 • Was your physical mechanics/style correct and appropriate?
 • Did you have proper initial positioning?
 • Did you move to correct coverage positions during playing action?
 • Did you do everything to ensure a fair outcome to the game?
 • Were you aware of all game situations?
 • Were the rules of the game properly understood and applied?
 • Was there consistency of rulings throughout the game?
 • Did you hustle?
 • Did you demonstrate proper timing?
 • Did you fail to maintain proper control at any time?
 • When did you feel most vulnerable to outside influences?
 • Did you seriously consider any criticism directed at your work?
 • Were there any situations where you avoided responsibility for a ruling at the expense of a partner?
 • Was there anything about your signals, gestures or style that evoked an unwanted response?
 • Did you uphold, defend or rationalize any improper rulings?
 • Did you look confident without appearing over-confident?
 • Did you react appropriately to any insults/profanity directed at others and yourself?
 • Did you treat all participants with the appropriate amount of respect?
 • Did you make every effort to defuse potentially volatile situations?
 • Was there any particular aspect of your performance that you can work on prior to next season?

Off Season Do's & Don'ts ...
• Do work on one aspect at a time to improve  your umpiring for next season.  Pick out a couple of things that you personally think could use a little more work to make you a better umpire. 
• Do take a look at your uniforms – do you need to order anything new before next season? 

• Do examine your equipment.  Does anything need to be cleaned and/or repaired?   
• Do attend a clinic or workshop. 
• Do reread the rulebook and surf the net for umpire articles and suggestions.   
• Do keep in shape.  Take a brisk walk with a spouse or colleague.  Jogging around the block will certainly help the infield umpire keep in top form.  Plate umpires, concentrate on keeping your legs in shape – begin with a warm up and then simple squats.  Just make sure you go slowly as you don’t want an injury delaying you from working the season opener. 
• Don't just sit back and do nothing!   Umpiring  requires you to be in top form – prepare yourself both physically and mentally!  


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