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Infield Fly?

Infield Fly?

ATLANTA -- When Andrelton Simmons hit a lazy fly ball during the eighth inning of Friday night's National League Wild Card game, what at first appeared as if it would be a routine out for Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday turned out to be anything but ...

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infield fly

Proper call and correct position of making the call.

I don't think a four man crew could have reacted to the same call as quickly.

The reason for the rule is to

The reason for the rule is to prevent the defensive team from letting the ball drop and turning a double play. This ball was so deep, I don't think the Cardinals could have turned a double play.Therefore, I don't think infield fly was waranted here.    I understand why the left field umpire would call infield fly when he sees the shortstop camp and wave, but he probably lost track of how deep he was since they don't do much six man work. Plus he called it really late.

Infield Fly

I believe Sam Holbrook made the correct call.  The reason for his calling it "late" was because he had to wait for all of the requirements of IFF to be met.  As soon as they were met he signaled IFF.  It does not matter how far the infielder goes as long as it is judged by the umpire to be ordinary effort.  That call is Sam's in 6 man mechanics, however in 4 man mechanics I don't believe they call IFF.  I think you really need 6 umpires to be able to judge that particular play correctly, and they did.


I thought at first, Umpire Sam Holbrook made the infield fly call too late, but, he had to wait to see where the shortstop was at the time of the catch. In a 6 man crew, he was the only one who could have made that call, and it was his opinion the shortstop would have made the catch with ordinary effort. No question that it was a tough call to make based on what was at stake, but, he was there and after viewing the play so many times, there is no question in my mind he made the right call. Good for him.
Manuel Provedor


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