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LL Tournament Umpires needed ... Steve Smith Dist 5 LL ...


Little League tournaments provide an excellent forum to improve your umpiring skills ... 

NCOA encourages our umpires to pitch in and help our local LL programs during their tournaments ...

Steve Smith, from CA D5, is our Outreach Clinic Coordinator and is managing many tournaments at & around American River College (ARC) ... Please contact him if you are interested in helping out ... Steve Smith, District 5 UIC, Cell 916.216.4435, email: wllump@yahoo.com

Here are some additional reminders Steve has put together as well ...

Rules -

1.  Dropped third strike is in use at majors and juniors.
2.  Dropped third strike does not apply at minors.
3.  Minimum play is 6 defensive outs and one at bat for each player.  A starter may not re-enter until his/her sub has completed minimum play.
4.  Starters may re-enter to any spot in batting order (differs from HS and LL All star rule).
5.  Ten run rule after 4 complete (minors/majors) and 5 innings at juniors.
6.  Pitch count will be tracked by score keeper and will be announced after each half inning.
7.  Minimum play announcement will be made by scorekeeper/announcer after three innings (minor/major) or four innings (juniors).
8.  Use sunset time as posted in the Sacramento Bee as drop dead time for weekday games.  Remind managers of this at the plate meeting.
9.  Conduct a equipment check to make sure all helmets are legal and bats are legal.  Juniors - composite bat  needBBCOR, Majors/Minors BBF 1.15 or less and composite bats must be on the LL approved list.  Stepping in box with an illegal bat is an out & one coach removed. 2nd time, out and manager removed.
10.  Catchers may not pitch if they have played four or more innings at catcher in a game. 
11. Pitchers may not be put at catcher if they have pitched 41 pitches.
12.  Catchers masks must have dangling throat guard, even if hockey style mask and no jewelry is permitted.
13.  Small field - base ump is responsible for runner leaving early - drop red flag and return runner.
14.  Small field -- head first slides are illegal and are an automatic out.
15.  Trips to mound -- third trip to pitcher same inning or fourth trip in game requires that pitcher to be pulled.  Trips are pitcher based, not team based.
16.  Unlike HS rule, obstruction calls can be either dead(if a play is being made on runner) or delayed dead ball.  
17.  Coaches are permitted to go to coaching box after catcher throws down to second.
18.  No balks at minor/majors- illegal pitch.


1.  Small field- base ump works on the outside (Position B with runner on 1st, Position C all other runner configurations). 
2.  With runner on, best to have plate ump take all fly balls to allow base ump to get to working area.  Sort out details with partner at game site prior.
3.  Small Field Rotations - plate should rotate up on R1, R1 and R3 and steals of second to take play at 3rd.

If you would like to contact Steve directly, here's his contact info ... Steve Smith, District 5 UIC, Cell 916-216-4435, email: wllump@yahoo.com


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