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Was It Obstruction or Not?

Was it obstruction or not?

You be the judge on the play from Game #3 of the 2013 World Series ...

Click the link below and view the video after a short commercial message from mlb.com ...

Must C Conclusion: WS2013 Game 3 ends on obstruction, error
Original Link:http://wapc.mlb.com/play/?content_id=31186613&topic_id=vtp_must_c&query=obstruction

WS2013 Gm3: Torre, umpires discuss obstruction call
Original Link:

MLB Tonight Looks at WS2013 Gm3 Walk-Off Obstruction Play
Original Link:

VP of Baseball Operations Joe Torre on MLB Tonight
Original Link:

Feel free to leave your comments below ...

Was it Obstruction?

Yes it was. I am of the opinion it was clearly obstruction.  As the runner from third got up to come to home plate, is evident that the third baseman sprawled on the ground lift up both his legs, to impede the runner's progress to come home and scored. Great call by the umpires.
Manuel Provedor

Obstruction call

Jim Joyce got a the call right!!!


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