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Was it a Transfer or a Dropped Ball?

Was it a Transfer or a Drooped Ball?

You be the judge on the play from Game #1 of the 2013 World Series ...

Click the link below and view the video after a short commercial message from mlb.com ...

2013 World Series Game #1: Pedroia Ruled Safe after Initial Out Call

Original Link:http://wapc.mlb.com/play/?content_id=31171457&topic_id=vtp_ws_sponsor&query=oddities

Feel free to leave your comments below ...

Was it a transfer or a dropped ball?

Like the announcer said; "NO WAY, NO WAY" the second baseman never had the ball, it grazed his glove and fell to the ground, there was no out made. Umpire Demutt made a grave error, but, it was corrected by all umpires huddling to make the call right, and that, they did. This was also a great call by the umpires, doing the right way. There were six of them, and five were without a doubt very sure the ball was never caught. I also was sure the ball was never caught. It was an error.
Manuel Provedor


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