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Obstruction at Home Plate?

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Joined: 02/03/2014

Hi All,

I made a call in a Little League Majors game last night that I am 95% sure I got right, but I wanted to run it past you all. Here goes.

Runner attempting to score and the throw, from the direction of right field, pulls the catcher up and into the third base line. As the ball arrives the runner slides just as the throw hits the catcher's glove. At this moment the runner is slightly under the catcher, slid under his leg, but 4 feet up the line from home. The catcher does not successfully catch the ball and while the runner is attempting to get up and score the catcher picks the ball up and tags the runner.

I ruled obstruction and awarded home plate to the runner. If the catcher would have caught the ball I would have had an out. However, since the catcher was not in possession of the ball the runner was entitled to a clear path to the plate.

So, did I get it right? What do you think?


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I think this is one of those situations that "you had to be there". If in your opinion the catcher obstructed then he was. Perhaps though it was just a train wreck and a "thats nothing" call could have worked. Did the catcher keep the runner from scoring after he lost the ball? Think of the Cardinal/Red Sox play at 3rd during the playoffs a few years ago.


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