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C.1 - Some Facts about Umpiring

C.1 - Some Facts about Umpiring

The Three Facts of Life of Umpiring!
1) The best umpires don't always get the best games.
2) You can't please everyone.
3) It is not how good you think you are, it is how good other people think you are that counts. 

What Do Coaches Want?
1) Get the call right.
2) Get the pitch right.

Perception is Reality:
1) What people perceive to be true, is true to them!
2) People have a perception of what an umpire should look like.

What Separates the Top Umpires?
1) They are good at successfully handling conflicts.

Biggest Complaints from Coaches:
1) Umpire is Arrogant
2) Won't talk to me
3) Talking to players and coaches too much.
4) Acts like he is doing us a favor.
5) Acts bored.
6) A know-it-all.
7) A wise guy.
8) Doesn't hustle.
9) Wants to make the big call.

Types of Arguments:
1) Legitimate
2) Intimidation
3) Personality
4) Situational

Why Coaches Come out:
1) Thinks you missed the play.
2) Thinks you misinterpreted a rule.
3) To protect or support a player.
4) Wants the umpire to bail his team out.
5) Pressure from the dugout.
6) Pressure from the fans.

Handling the Coach:
1) Let the coach come to you.
2) Turn so your back is to the coaches fans and he is facing them.
3) Be careful of your body language.


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