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Getting Games

Finding a place to start umpiring can be easy if you are willing to volunteer. Most Little Leagues are always in need of Volunteer umpires. These can be a great place to get started. Many leagues will help you by having equipment you can use. Some will help you get your own gear if you do a certain # of games for them. You can find out if you enjoy officiating that way with out spending all the $ for uniforms and gear.

High school and local umpire associations schedule games for pay and are also always looking for help. It may BE harder for someone with no experience to break into these groups unless you first get some training.

Training can be had through Local umpire Associations that are scheduling High School and other baseball for pay through out the year. Contact them , attend meetings and make sure you are on the
email list for training information. (Click on the events list on this site for Training info in the Sacramento CA area)

There are Professional training schools available several times a year. These cost a fair amount of money and are for those serious about working professional baseball.

Once set up with a group, Make sure you have given them your available schedule so they can properly schedule you. Keep that schedule up to date. email you assignors on days you have no games but would like to work if something were to come open. This will help them with last minute coverages and get you games you might not otherwise get.

Be reliable, when you take a game assignment work it. Keep your turned back assignments to a minimum or best not at all. Assignors will quit using you if you turn them back regularly. They will want to schedule someone they can count on.

Be on time Make sure you know what your assignor or group expects of you most want you there 1/2 hour before game time and for you to check in with the coaches when you arrive.

Be Flexible Things Happen many times last minute. Be flexible when things change slightly.

Get Training Assignors want to know they can send you to a game and you will not create problems, Good training and knowledge will help you with this.


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