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Handling Conflict

As TVs Improve, So Does Umpiring ...

Umpiring philosophies have changed over the last two decades as television has improved the fan's view of the game.

Are you ready for the Big Call?

Tips for the Amateur Umpire

By Steve Orinick see his web site "http://www.stevetheump.com/baseball_umpire_frames.htm"

'''Arrive on time and be prepared.''' Nothing is more aggravating than a partner that arrives two minutes before game time already dressed for the bases. In general, one should arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before game time. Whether or not your position has been assigned, you should always be prepared to work the plate. You should be on the field for ground rules and ready to go 10 minutes before the scheduled start. And, no, you can't borrow my cup.

Baseball Etiquette for Coaches

This letter was provided to coaches in a local little league.

Umpire Etiquette
(Or, How to get yourself thrown out of a game)

Judgment calls such as fair or foul, ball or strike, or out or safe aren't up for discussion. If you want clarification on a ruling, it's appropriate to come out and discuss it. But coming up and telling the umpire that he's wrong and the ball was really fair isn't going to accomplish anything.

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