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League Management

Cordova Mens Baseball League

Cordova Mens Baseball League (CMBL) Rules ...

CMBL is playing standard MLB rules with the following additions:

Players may be added to lineup card after games begins

Teams must finish with as many players as they start with

Two (2) non-runners are to be designated prior to the game and recorded on the lineup card.

No new inning can start after 3 hours

RCOA Scheduling and Billing Policies for Leagues and Teams

This is a reference for those contracting with RCOA for Umpires for there leagues.

Standard pricing is listed at the schedule web site [Bad link] if you do not have a log in for that site contact Mike Miklaus miklaus@pacbell.net or Dan Blower umpdanb@gmail.com

Or click here to see how rates are developed Current+Rates

Summer Umpire Training Meetings

Join us for the up coming summer training schedule.

Sign up for all three days of this Weekends Clinic

NCOA Umpire Development Meeting Schedule 2008

NCOA Baseball Umpire Meetings are open to all those wishing to learn or develop as umpires. Our Goal is to improve the level of Baseball officiating in the greater Sacramento area.

Umpire Equipment Needs

Here is a list of the major online umpire gear sites.


Elk Grove Babe Ruth

Here is a listing of the special rules used by '''Elk Grove Babe Ruth'''

Elk Grove Babe Ruth local Rules summary


===Section 1 - Participation:===

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