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Cordova Mens Baseball League

Cordova Mens Baseball League (CMBL) Rules ...

CMBL is playing standard MLB rules with the following additions:

Players may be added to lineup card after games begins

Teams must finish with as many players as they start with

Two (2) non-runners are to be designated prior to the game and recorded on the lineup card.

No new inning can start after 3 hours

10 run "mercy" rule after 7 innings (Team Options: 15 run "mercy" rule after 5 innings)

This is a no contact league ...

College force play slide rule is enforced.

Father"s Day wood bat only (composite wood bats okay) -- no metal!!!

Uniform policy: Teams are to wear the same hats, (league approved) pant color (not including piping) and jerseys with numbers, socks and belt (team colors only).

Player Conduct:

An ejection from a game will result in a one (1) game suspension with a umpire report.

A second ejection will result in a one (1) game suspension regardless of umpire report being filed and mandatory league review for possible additional penalties.

An automatic one (1) game suspension for each manager that allows alcohol on the field. Managers are responsible for any damages that are done to the playing field premises.

Any contact or threats to an umpire on or off the field will result in automatic removal from the league.

Any fights will result in a minimum two (2) game suspension on the first offense and a twenty (20) game probation.

A second fight in the same season will result in removal from the league for the remainder of the season.

A second fight within the probationary period will result in a 5 game suspension.


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