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Elk Grove Babe Ruth

Here is a listing of the special rules used by '''Elk Grove Babe Ruth'''

Elk Grove Babe Ruth local Rules summary


===Section 1 - Participation:===

*A.In the 13-15 division, a player must play a minimum of three (3) defensive innings per game. In the 16-18 division, a player must play a minimum of six innings in the field over two consecutive games and have at least three plate appearances over two consecutive games. This does not apply to every two-game segment – only two games at a time. For example, the requirement must be met for Games 1 and 2 and then for Games 3 and 4, but not necessarily for Games 2 and 3. Failure to do so may result in the manager being suspended for the next full game.

*B.In the 13-15 division, the batting order shall include all players present at a game; teams will bat through the entire line-up. Teams are allowed to have free/unlimited substitution; however, the minimum number of innings in the field requirement (Article II, Section 1A) must be adhered to. In the 16-18 division, teams have three choices for the batting order: 1) bat all players as described above or 2) bat nine and sub players in according to tournament rules or 3) bat nine with an extra hitter (EH) and sub players in according to tournament rules. If the EH plays the field later in the game, he/she simply stays at their spot in the batting order and someone else becomes the EH. Babe Ruth rules do not permit the use of the designated hitter (DH). Exception: if an EGBRB team plays an outside team that uses the DH, then the EGBRB team will be permitted to use the DH for that game.


::1.For the 13-15 division, and batting order method #1 (described above) for the 16-18 division: If an injury occurs or the player leaves the game for any reason except ejection, his defensive position can be filled by any player from the team's roster. The player's batting position remains open and the team skips over that position in the batting order. No out is recorded for the open position. Once a player is removed from the game, he cannot re-enter that game. In the 16-18 division using methods #2 or #3: An injured player can be replaced by substitution so there is no need to skip that spot in the batting order.

::2.In the 13-15 division, if an ejection occurs to a player in the line-up, that player's batting position remains open and his spot in the line-up is recorded as an out.

*D.Every player must complete an accident release form prior to playing.

*E.A manager, coach, or Player Agent may request a player to obtain a doctor's release for any visible injury such as a limp, swelling, severe bruise, etc., before returning to play.

===Section 2 - Discipline:===

*A.A player may be benched for coming late or missing games or practices without permission, improper conduct at games or practices, or other legitimate reasons. If a player is to be benched, the manager shall notify the Official Scorekeeper and manager of the opposing team prior to the start of the game. It is the manager’s option to discipline a player during a game. If he/she removes the player from the game for that reason, the player’s spot in the lineup is an automatic out for the rest of the game. The player also cannot play in the field.

*B.Mandatory Benching: If a player, coach, or manager is suspended or ejected from a game, the player, coach, or manager will sit out one full game before being allowed to participate. If a manager knowingly violates this rule, he will be suspended for the next game and the game in question will be forfeited.

*C.The second time a player, coach, or manager is ejected or suspended, not only will he/she miss a full game before he/she can play again, but he/she must go before the Board and state his/her position. After investigation, the Board will determine if he/she will be allowed to continue to play, coach, or manage on the team. The manager of any player involved in a disciplinary action shall be present at the Board meeting.


===Section 1 - League By-Law Rules===

*A.All Elk Grove Babe Ruth Baseball League games shall be played in accordance with the Official Baseball Rules, Section 1.00 through 10.22 with the exceptions specified in the Official Babe Ruth Baseball Local League rules.

*B.In the 13-15 division: Special Pitching: A pitcher may not pitch more than four (4) innings in any one game and a maximum of seven (7) innings per week. If a pitcher pitches four (4) innings in a game he must have two (2) full days of rest from pitching before pitching again. Once a pitcher is removed from the game as a pitcher, he may not re-enter as a pitcher. For a make up game, pitching restrictions must still be adhered to. The make up game pitching must comply with the original week it was scheduled for and also the week in which the game is actually played. The rest requirement also applies.

The Giants are scheduled for games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday is rained out. Alex pitches four innings on Tuesday and two innings on Saturday. When the game is made up, Alex has one inning left, but he is not eligible to pitch because he would not have been eligible in the original game (would not have had mandated rest after pitching four innings the previous game).

The Giants are scheduled for Tuesday and Saturday games. Saturday is rained out. In the make-up week, the Giants have games on Monday (make up game), Wednesday & Saturday. Alex threw 3 innings in the original week on Tuesday. Assuming Alex did not throw four innings on the Saturday prior to the Monday make up game, he would have four innings available on Monday. If he does throw 4 innings on Monday, he is not eligible to pitch on Wednesday, but he would have three innings available on Saturday. If he had thrown four innings on the Saturday prior to the Monday make up game, he could not pitch at all on Monday because of the rest requirement.

*C.Any manager who uses an ineligible pitcher or player will be suspended for one full game and the game in question is forfeited.

*D.The regular season may be divided in two halves. The winner of the first half and the winner of the second half will have a play off to determine division champion. Tournament pitching rules are used for the championship games and pitching eligibility starts over with the start of the championship games. All regularly scheduled games, including inter-divisional games, will count toward the win/loss record for regular season. The League may also adopt an alternate structure, such as multiple division formats with different play off provisions based on full season play and standings.

*E.Tie Game & Suspended Game Rule: All League games that have completed two (2) hours and fifteen (15) minutes and end in a tie shall be considered a complete game. The "Tie Game" rule in the Babe Ruth Handbook shall apply. A tie game shall be counted in the standings as a ½ win and a ½ loss. In case of inclement weather or darkness, a game may be considered complete after one (1) hour and fifteen minutes of play or four (4) complete innings. A game that is suspended, at any point other than the end of an inning, will be completed at a later date if one of the following two conditions are met: 1) the visiting team has tied the game or taken the lead during the last (suspended) inning or 2) the home team has tied the game in the last (suspended) inning. It is mandatory that the time elapsed from the beginning of the game to the point of suspension is recorded so that the time remaining in the game will be known. If this information is missing or disputed, the umpire in charge will make his/her best estimate of how much time remains when the game is continued. If the home team has taken the lead in the final (suspended) inning and either 4 innings or one hour and fifteen minutes have been completed and then play is suspended, then the game is over and the home team wins.

The umpire in charge is responsible for warning each team as daylight is expiring that the game could be called at any time. Lack of this warning alone is not sufficient reason to justify a protest.
'''Obvious and intentional delaying tactics by a manager, coach or player, to bring a game to a suspension point sooner than would otherwise occur, will not be tolerated. The Umpire in charge will make all judgments as to whether a manager, coach or player is attempting to violate this rule. The board may suspend anyone guilty of unreasonably delaying a game that is getting close to being called.'''

Games that have been stopped before they have reached one hour and fifteen minutes or four complete innings will be considered postponed (not played at all). Every attempt will be made to schedule a make-up, but if the league determines that standings will not be affected and it is impractical to re-schedule, then the game will not be made up.

*F.''Time Limit:'' Regular season games are seven (7) innings.'''No new innings can start after two (2) hours and fifteen (15) minutes. In the 13-15 division, there is no ten (10) run rule, but a ten (10) run rule after four-and-a-half (4-1/2) innings (or five [5] innings) may be applied if both managers agree.'''In the 16-18 division, the 10 run rule does apply. If time is left, more than seven (7) innings may be played to break a tie.

*G.Metal cleats are allowed in Elk Grove Babe Ruth Baseball League games.

*H.No practice shall be conducted prior to March 1st of each year.

*I.The home team occupies the third base dugout, is the Official Scorekeeper, and is responsible to see that the field is prepared before and after the game. The visiting team is responsible for picking up trash in and around the field, stands, and their own dugout.

*J.Violations of these By-Laws or Rules must be filed verbally with the Player Agent or the President of the League within twenty-four (24) hours of the end of the game. Decisions will be rendered in the same manner as protests, and penalties will be prescribed by the Board.

*K.Forfeit Rules & Borrowed Players: A team may start play with eight (8) players. If a team does not have eight players no later than ten minutes after the scheduled start time, it is a forfeit. A team must finish the game with eight (8) players or forfeit. It is the manager's option to borrow a registered player in the League, but no more than one for any one game. A manager can borrow a player to get to eight players, but cannot borrow to get to nine or ten players. The borrowed player may not pitch, catch, play shortstop or second base. The manager of the borrowed player and his/her parents must approve the request. The borrowed player cannot be playing against his/her own team. The borrowed player will bat last in the order. If a regular player(s) arrive late, he/she/they will bat behind the borrowed player. If two regular players show up late, putting the team headcount at ten, then the borrowed player will no longer play the field. The only exception would be for an injury or ejection to a regular player. The borrowed player should wear his regular uniform or suitable baseball clothing.

*A. If need arises for a protest, all managers must conduct themselves in an orderly manner and demonstrate good sportsmanship. For any protest to be valid, it must be filed with the Umpire-in-Charge by the manager immediately at the time of the disputed decision and before the next pitched ball. Protests must be delivered verbally or in writing to the Player Agent or the President within twenty-four (24) hours from the starting time of the game being protested. A $20.00 fee is required to accompany each protest. The fee is refundable only if the protest is upheld. The protest determination must be made within seven (7) days of the filing date. Ejection or other disciplinary action may be appealed using the same procedures with any ejection or other Umpire related appeals.

*B.At the time the protest is logged with the Player Agent, a three (3) person committee will be formed consisting of three (3) Board Members. In the case of ejection or suspension of a player or coach, the committee shall make every effort to hear the appeal before the affected team's next game. However, if a proper appeal has been made and the committee has not yet reached a decision, then the appealing participant shall be allowed to play until the appeal is determined.

===Section 3 - Sponsors:===

*A.The Board shall approve the sponsor for each team in the League. Any fee or assessment payable by the sponsor shall be determined by the Board. All such fees or assessments shall be paid into the League's treasury.

*B.No sponsor shall have any control or authority over the team being sponsored. A sponsor shall have the right to renew his/her sponsorship each season unless the Board for good cause deems a renewal inadvisable.

===Section 4 - Scheduling:===

*A.Games will be rescheduled only when canceled due to inclement weather.



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