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SCC Umpire Clinic Day 2

Scrimmage starts at 5:00pm, If you are the first man there strap on your plate gear and get them started. Hopefully instruction will start by 5:30 with instructors also watching scrimmages to help you.

Lead instructors:
Gordon Davidson
Bob Hocking

Scrimmage work

Plate mod 2


  • Play/time
  • Ball/strike
  • Fair/foul

Check Swing:

  • Ball
  • Swing
  • Appeal
  • Called by BU

Specialty plate mechanics:

  • Brush plate
  • Clearing the bat
  • Clearing F2

Base 2:

2 man mechanics

  • Priority's
  • responsibilities
  • Primary/Secondary
  • PU movement priority
Wednesday, October 17, 2007 - 6:00pm - 8:45pm
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Clinic Attendance

Davidson, Hocking, Loeffler, Miklaus, Swanson, Cottrill, King, Wangburg, Hironaka, Baker


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