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Beginner's Mechanics Clinic

Instruction covers field mechanics for the two man system. This clinic is aimed at the beginning umpire, umpires with no formal training, and officials who are returning to the game.

Hi everyone,
The instructors are eager and cannot wait to help you with your umpiring ...
Please wear warm, comfortable, athletic clothing.  Bring both court and turf shoes so we can go on grass or blacktop depending on surface conditions.  No umpire uniforms are necessary,  You may bring your plate hat and mask if you would like to practice using them during your plate work.
Please bring a baseball glove if you have one.  Also, bring note taking materials as there will be too much information available to remember.
You may review the information at the following link both before and after the clinic to increase your learning:

Additional free training events are available at the following link:

If it is raining or the pavement is too wet to use, we may move to following outdoor, covered facility at:
Twin Rivers Adult Ed Blg 
3222 Winona Way 
North Highlands CA  95660

Here's a schedule for the clinic:

Sunday, 03/21/10 – 2010 LL Sec 4 & NCOA Spring Beginner’s Mechanics Clinic

12:00 – 12:10 Basic 8 Demos/Practice (Ball, Strike, Safe, Out, Fair, Foul, Time, Play) 12:10 – 12:40 Group Demos 12:40 – 2:40 Rotation #1 
12:40 – 1:20 Session #1 1:20 – 2:00 Session #2 2:00 – 2:40 Session #3
P1: (60ft mechanics only) (This session uses a split station format – a & b below)

P1a: (Location: Stadium Left-Field Line) (approx. 20 min each)Specialty plate mechanics Brush plate (demo)Clearing bat (demo)Fair-foul (demo)Clearing F2

P1b: (Location: Stadium Left-Field Line) (approx. 20 min each)Pivot basics steps: Basic 3-step pivot line drill practice 3-step, Walk thru, Jog thruBasic Pivot technique: PivotWhen: Ground ball on infield with overthrow 90 degree angleTwo steps fairTwo steps foulB1: (60ft mechanics only) (Location: Stadium Right-Field Line) 

BU starting position A establish Ground ball on infield (no runners on base) Left side of the infield  – 90 degree angleRight side of the infield (normal) – two steps fairPU movements by priority PU movement on ground balls on infield (no one on base) 

C2: (Cage & surrounding cement area) 

Watch:Pitch tracking 
Watch: Lower half stance basicsH/T/H/T, width, balance over feet, comfort, squat  signal & voice strike 

Watch: Routine/sequence: step into H/T/H/T, squat into set position, pitch track, stand-up with signal & call, Step back relax Watch: Upper half stance basics/alignment:WaistTorso Head

Sunday, 03/07/10 – 2010 LL Sec 4 & NCOA Spring Beginner’s Mechanics Clinic

2:40 – 3:10  Group Demos3:10 – 5:10  Rotation #2
3:10 – 3:50  Session #1 3:50 – 4:30  Session #2 4:30 – 5:10  Session #3
B2 & B6: : (Location: Stadium Left-Field Line) (Application: 60ft mechanics only) (approx. 20 min each) (This session uses a split station format – a & b
Starting position B & C (60ft field – behind F4 & F6 near outfield grass)Pick-off/steal Ground ball – working areaPU positioning on grounders on the infield:Move up 1st base lineMove up 3rd base lineStay home
B6: (Location: Stadium Right-Field Line)
(approx. 20 min each)
Plays on the Infield:Ground
Ball – Developing Working Area Double plays from starting
position B or C (Application: 60ft mechanics)Positioning for
plays at the plate

P2: (Location: Stadium Center-Field Area) (approx. 40 min) (60ft mechanics only)

P2b: (Location: 90 ft Baseball field) (approx. 20 min) (Content B3):PU movement on ground balls on infield (no one on base) Special plays on infield from starting position A:F1 coversF3 covers unassistedRight side “pressure”Pull foot toward RF cornerPull foot toward home plate with “swipe” tagPop-up around starting position AClear F3 on pop-up down RF line

B4: (60ft mechanics only) (This session uses a split station format – a & b below)

B4: (Location: Stadium Right-Field Line) (approx. 20 min each) 
On base hit – “inside-out” rule – “working area” development Rotation on base hits:R1 to 3rd R3 & R1 with R1 to 3rdR2 & R1 – R2 tags & advances to 3rd (unless in 10% down RF line)

5:10 – 5:20 Basic 8+ Practice (Ball, Strike, Safe, Out, Fair, Foul, Time, Play)
Clinic Concludes: 5:20pm

Sunday, March 21, 2010 - 12:00pm - 5:15pm


American River College Baseball Complex
4700 College Oak Dr
Sacramento, CA 95841


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