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Presidents Day Weekend Umpire Clinic 2008 Saturday

Sign up here for Saturday's Clinic:

This will be a combination of live scrimmage work and plate & base station instruction. This is a chance to learn new skills and practice them during live game situations.

Attend all clinic days for best learning results. If you are unable to attend all days, signup for the days you are available. You will still get off to a better start this season.

Where: Cordova HS Baseball fields 2239 Chase Ln Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


New Umpires: Just starting to umpire? This camp is the perfect place for you. We’ll get you off on the right foot by teaching you the basic mechanics and positioning skills it takes to work a game properly. You'll learn everything from conducting a proper pre-game to being in position to make that last call of the game.

Intermediate Umpires: If you feel comfortable on the field, but you want to umpire with more confidence, this is the camp for you! We will help you to learn the skills it takes to not only survive, but to thrive as a lead umpire.

Advanced Umpires: As an experienced umpire you’ll want to learn from umpires who have worked the "Big Game" and excelled! We will help you learn what it takes to not only keep you at the top of your game, but help you take the steps to solidify your move towards the top of the official’s ladder.

"There are very few replacements for experience...... this camp is one of them. Our camp will help many umpires improve immensely, in a short period of time." You will learn what it takes to "survive" game after game with very few problems by being in position to get the call right, knowing the unwritten rules of the game that are accepted by participants and coaches and earning the respect of coaches and players.

Saturday, 02/16/08 Instruction Summary:

  • Scrimmage: Live work on plate & bases
  • Plate Work Station: Stance basics & specialty plate mechanics
  • Base Work Station:
    • One-umpire system
    • Two-man positioning:
    • Priorities & responsibilities (primary/secondary)
    • PU movement on ground balls on infield
    • BU starting position “A” establish, positioning for a ground ball on infield, ground ball on infield with overthrow
    • Pivot basics steps: Pause/read/react, pivot, cover BR- to 2nd/back to 1st/in rundown

Sunday, 02/17/08 Instruction Summary:

  • Plate Work Station:
    • Pitch tracking, voice ball/voice signal strike, step back relax
    • Strike zone: History, evolution, development, purpose, usage, development, philosophies, & interpretations
    • Tangle/untangle drill: Obstruction, interference, nothing, run lane interference
    • Batter interference on a steal attempt, F2 interference with batter’s swing
    • Fly ball positioning – infield & outfield
    • PU positioning on grounders on the infield: Move up 1st base line, move up 3rd base line, stay home
    • Positioning for plays at the plate, timing plays
  • Base Work Station:
    • Starting position “B” & “C”, responsibilities, fly ball coverage, pick-off/steal
    • Ground ball plays on the infield & the “working area” concept
    • Base hit – step-up/turn/face the ball – “working area” concept
    • Rotation on base hits: R1 to 3rd, R3 & R1 with R1 to 3rd, R2 & R1 – R2 tags & advances to 3rd
    • Special plays on infield from starting position “A”: F1 covers, F3 covers unassisted, right side “pressure”, pull foot toward RF corner, pull foot toward home plate with “swipe” tag, pop-up around starting position “A”, clear F3 on pop-up down RF line
    • Advance pivot - detailed technique: Placement, timing, adjustments, reads
    • “Trouble” ball to BU’s area with no runners on base
    • Rundowns one or multiple runners – responsibilities & coverage
    • Double plays from starting position “B” or “C”

Monday, 02/18/08 Instruction Summary:

  • Scrimmage: Live plate & base work with instructor critique
  • Plate Work Stations:
    • Technique Rating “Check-Off” Station
    • Follow-up Instructional “Soft Toss” Station for pitch tracking, voice ball/voice signal strike, step back relax
  • Base Work Station:
    • Technique Rating “Check-Off” Station
    • “Fungo” Situation Field Work
    • “Shadow Drill” Field Work
    • Follow-up Instruction Station for field work improvement


Cordova High School Baseball Fields
2239 Chase Dr
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


Just wanted to say thank you Adam Kalsey, and for signing me up, and getting back to me.

Thanks again
Peter Hernandez

Rookies and more. D6 Wash./West Sac.

I attended the last area clinic. It was awsome, a learning experience and entertaining. I recommend it to anybody and everybody who wants to become an umpire. I hope to be sending at least 4 umpires to the clinic.

Thanks Swannny and Company

President's Day Weekend Clinic

The first 2 days have been outstanding. Thanks to all the instructures for their time and effort. Looking forward to Monday.

umpdan's picture

Visitor to the clinic

We had a guest at the clinic, a Senior from Folsom HS doing her senior project. She was writing a piece for the project on the other side of the game (umpiring) She got involved in the clinic and ran through the drills and skills like everyone else. She also worked part of a scrimmage behind the plate. Heres the comments she emailed to us about the experience:

I had a really good time at the umpire clinic. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I first got there, but I ended up learning so much! After playing for 8 years I thought I knew just about everything about baseball, but I realized there is so much I didn't know. It's a totally different game as an umpire! I enjoyed umpiring a lot more than I thought I would. It was totally nerve wracking to be behind the plate at first, but after I got over the fear it was a lot of fun. I would love to umpire little league games, but I don't think I will be able to this season because I have so much going on with school and work already. I would hate to commit to it and then not be able to fulfill my commitment. However, I am seriously considering looking to volunteer with a local little league next year when I'm at college (assuming I have the time). I thought the clinic was really informative and fun at the same time. It wasn't a boring sit and listen kind of thing. I really liked that it was so hands on. I definitely think that having that training would be beneficial before umpiring my first game. Instead of just being thrown into a game without any experience, I felt like I was prepared and knew what to do and expect. I definitely think that was something that all first-time umpires should attend! Thanks for experience!

-Natalie Offenbecher
Folsom High School


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