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Summer Umpire Meeting #4

This meeting is for all umpires working summer ball or those wishing to start now to learn about umpiring opportunity's both for HS and Youth Baseball.

Subjects will be:
Working Tournement Baseball
Working the Big game. Staying in Control

Join us. You do not have to be a RCOA or NCOA member to attend. All are welcome.


Saturday, February 21, 2009 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm


Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Marconi Station
2500 Marconi Avenue Community Service Room Fulton and Marconi
Sacramento, CA 95821
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Meeting # 4

Sorry I will be working a tournament game that night. Any way I can get some of the info that will be presented so that I can still stay on top of things?

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Meeting Attendance


Chris Aguillio, Ben Arellano, Glenn Baker, Dan Blower, Jacques Bolton, Jim Coyne, Jim Farrell, Terrance Farrell, Robert Joe French, Loren Gardner, Ray Harris, Robby Lake, Larry Loeffler, Mike Miklaus, George Morales, Scott Norton, Scott Paley, Jim Posluszny, Manuel Provedor, Paul Reynoso, Bill Shearer, Gary Turner


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