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NCOA Meeting #1: 2009 Umpire Signup & Orientation Meeting

This Meeting is for New and Developing Umpires to signup for the 2009 season. NCOA needs 100 new members for the 2009 season. All are welcome. Extensive Training programms are available. You can [http://www.ncoabaseball.org/reg.htm sign up online] for High School basball.

Dues are discounted if you pay by mail in advance (this is for HS only). Meeting will cover:

*Signingup for umpiring in 2009

*What are the requirements to umpire baseball?
*How do I get games?
*How to use the online schedule site?
*How to manage my Calender online so i get games i can work?
*What does it take to improve and develop as an umpire?
*How do i join other umpire groups?
*Where to get expierence to improve my abilitys?

Click here to take the [http://www.sacumpires.com/quiz/ncoa-2009-preseason-test NCOA 2009 Preseason Test]
New guys do not need to worry about how they score. This test will give you and us an idea of what rules to focus on this season.

Hope to see you all there

Dan Blower

Thursday, February 19, 2009 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm


Rio Terra Middle School
3201 Northstead Dr
Sacramento, CA 95833


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