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  1. Redacted version of the rules now available on the home page that compares all versions of the rules…(SMSBL, MSBL and Baseball). You can download them.
  2. Throwing any equipment at the plate or walking away from is grounds for immediate ejection and suspension. F bombs or tirades on strikes or arguments with umpires are also grounds for ejection. The Board will not be lenient with these ejections as well as any bodily confrontation. Suspension could be from 10 games up to lifetime suspension. At all cost stop players from physical confrontations.
  3. It is your responsibility to have your runner ready for you designated player. No time is to be wasted on figuring out or waiting for the runner. The umpire will determine when enough time has elapsed and the designated player will have to run for themselves at that time. They do not lose having a runner for future at bats.
  4. Base coaches required to wear helmets
  5. Players must be in the dugouts except for the base coach and on deck batter.
  6. Children are allowed in dugouts at the liability of the Manager of the team in the dugout, wearing a helmet is good common sense.
  7. Drawing lines at the plate or other attempts at showing the umpire your interpretation of the strike zone has been grounds in the past for immediate ejection. We have requested from the umpires association for some flexibility on this so that a verbal warning is first given then ejection. This is only a request on our part to keep you in the game, but understand the umpire still has the right to eject a player that has crossed the threshold. That of course being the umpires threshold and a warning may not be given don’t do it and stay in the game for another at bat.
  8. If a player is ejected he must leave the premises altogether, not behind the dugout, in the dugout, in the stands. Any attempt to confront umpires in the parking lot, where they dress etc. will be dealt with harshly.
  9. All games are to use wood bats
  10. Sliding rule must be clear to both managers at the plate (MSBL uses a high school style Force Play Slide Rule) with the umpire so that during the game we eliminate any potential misinterpretation of the rule. Any attempt to hurt a player will also be meet with a lashing!!
  11. The league has a 10 run rule after 5 innings played (4 1/2 innings if the home is already ahead by 10 runs or takes a 10 run lead in the bottom of the 5th inning or beyond).
  12. No new inning shall be started after 2 hours and 10 minutes. The start of a new inning is the time of the final out of the prior inning.
  13. There is no longer a "drop dead" time limit. Play each inning started until completed.

A few more things:
- Please start the 6:15 game early or on time ...
- If you are working the the 8:45 game, the players should be dressed and warmed up outside the diamond before game time.
- If the earlier game runs long, everyone should be ready to go when the field clears.
- Confirm the start time with managers.
- Umpires watches are official.
- Players should hustle on and off the field.


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