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C.27 - The Art of Verbal Judo by Jerry Grunska

C.27 - The Art of Verbal Judo  by Jerry Grunska 

Times have changed. Society is more crude. Ferocious self-expression is rampant. Curses and obscenities are the norm. Unfettered violence against undeserving individuals is not only tolerated, but under some circumstances it is actively stimulated. 

C.26 - The One More Word Threat and Other Mistakes

C.26 - The 'One More Word' Threat and Other Mistakes 

There's one out in the bottom of the third inning. The first pitch to the hitter is low and outside; the plate umpire calls it a ball. "Come on, blue! That's been a strike all day," bellows the coach. "Wake up back there! That's terrible!"

C.10 - Keep the Game Moving! Tips on how to speed up a Game by Richard B. Siegel

C.10 - Keep the Game Moving! Tips on how to speed up a Game  by Richard B. Siegel

Keeping the game moving is an important responsibility that all umpire’s share. In a 7-inning game, if both teams take just three minutes to change sides between innings, more than 42 minutes is chewed up doing something other than playing baseball. 

C.1 - Some Facts about Umpiring

C.1 - Some Facts about Umpiring

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