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Interested in Baseball Umpiring ???

Area High School Umpire Registration Closes on 01/31 ...

Are you ready for the challenge of high school baseball??? ... No experience is necessary ... Training is available ... Come join our community ...

**Volunteer Umpires**

Please help! The Carmichael Little League is in need of volunteer umpires for our Major Program. Please log into Carmichael little league at eteamz. We are short on quality umpires and need help getting the word out. Please help our boys attain good quality baseball! You will find an umpire link on our homepage that will take you to a form where you can register.

L1.A4 - The Ten Commandments of Umpiring

L1.A4 - "The Ten Commandments of Umpiring"  by Ford Frick, NL President

L1.A2 - The Privilege of Being an Umpire

L1.A2 - The Privilege of Being an Umpire  by: Joel Balberman

Have you ever thought about how fortunate we are as umpires? If you take time to reflect on this, you’ll see that we have a privilege bestowed upon us. We get are enriched in many ways from our participation in the ball games we work. 

C.1 - Some Facts about Umpiring

C.1 - Some Facts about Umpiring

As TVs Improve, So Does Umpiring ...

Umpiring philosophies have changed over the last two decades as television has improved the fan's view of the game.
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