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USSSA Gold Rush All-Stars

We will be using USSSA rules for pinto (8u), mustang (10u), and bronco (12u) with the following exceptions:
Base and pitching distances:
                        Pinto (8U) 50ft bases, 38 ft pitching
                        Mustang (10u) 60ft bases, 44 ft pitching
                        Bronco (12u) 70 ft bases, 48 ft pitching
Max runs per inning:
                        Pinto and Mustang innings 1-4  5 run max, inning 5 10 run max, and inning 6 is unlimited
Mercy rule:
              10 runs after 4 innings of play in pinto & mustang, bronco after 5 innings
Pitching limits per division:
                Pinto-2 innings per game, period.
                Mustang- 3 innings per game, 8 max for the tournament
                Bronco- 3 innings per game, 10 max for the tournament
Tie breakers:  Head to head, runs allowed, runs scored, and finally coin toss



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