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The RCOA wiki is a place for umpires to collaborate and distribute information about local leagues, umpiring tips, and more.

To contribute to the wiki, you'll need to create an account and log in. Then from any wiki page, just click '''Edit''' and you can add your text, create new pages, and more. This wiki uses the the same text format that Wikipedia does. For help and tips on formatting a wiki page, see the [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing Wikipedia help page]. Make sure to choose "Wiki" as your Input Format.

Umpire Links -- Got a great web site about umpiring? Add it to the list.

Umpire scheduling -- how to use www.ArbiterSports.com schedule site

Local Rules -- Rules for local leagues

LL Beginning Umpire Manual -- Starting umpire manual, good advice and direction to get started

Chief Umpire Information -- Information and suggestions on being a Youth league chief umpire

SacUmpires.com+Instruction+Material+for+Youth+Baseball+Programs -- Used to supplement many programs using 60ft or smaller fields ...

SacUmpires.com Instruction Material for NCOA Baseball -- Also used by youth baseball programs using the 70 - 90 ft fields ...

Umpire Manual for Two Mechanics


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